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Hi, Aaj ke is articled me ayurvedic medicine se sex time Kaise badhaye is par charcha karunga. Hi, today I have brought a very nice and special trick for you. In this,

I will tell you how to increase sex time with ayurvedic medicine. | I will cover all this in this article today.


Aaj ki is post ko aap ayurvedic medicine ka Ek review post samajh lijiye. is post mein kai sari chijen bataunga. yah jo aapke jivan mein bahut hi jyada kam aane wali hai. Consider this post a review of Ayurvedic medicine, it is everything that is more or less useful in your life.

ayurvedic medicine

These ayurvedic medicines can increase sex time with ayurvedic medicine


There are many ayurvedic medicine medicines that can increase your sex time.

Like ashwagandha, sthavar Shatavari, Safed musli Safed musli, glass seed kaunch ke Bij, kikar ki long kikar ki laung, bun gokhru, and many more. but today I will talk about these only



Ashvgandha sex time (ayurvedic medicine)


Ashwagandha or Ashwagandha is a medicine found in every world in India. It has so many advantages. But today I have told you above how to increase sex time with Ayurvedic medicine. Today, moving forward in this episode, we will talk. I have also made a video on this, you can watch it from here. Apart from this, I have also written a specialist post. You can read that too from here. You have to take ashwagandha root or powder.

If the root is there, then grind it finely and prepare it in the form of powder. If you have powder. So after 30 minutes of eating food, both times 5 grams. In the evening at bedtime and in the morning one hour after eating. Mix a spoon well in a glass of milk and drink it. This will increase your sex time. Ayurveda medicine

ayurvedic medicine


How to use stavar ayurvedic medicine


Satavar is a powerful herb. It can be used by men as well as women. Sthavar is also considered like Ashwagandha but it is a little more powerful than that. Because it can be used by both types of people, there are many benefits of immovable, its most benefits are seen in women. It is also used in women having white feet or red on or less typed in MC | Along with this, it is also used to remove weakness or fatigue of women. How to use it Take a spoonful of powder in a glass of milk before eating food. How women can use Shatavari, I have told in a video which you can see from here. ayurvedic medicine

ayurvedic medicine


Spade musli Safed musli ayurvedic medicine


Well, there are countless benefits of Safed Musli. But as I told you that today I will discuss how to increase sex time in Ayurvedic medicine. Drink white musli in the morning and evening by mixing a spoon in a glass of milk. You can drink it after eating food or you can drink it even before eating food | If you are taking my opinion, then I will tell you that you should eat Safed Musli for a long time. This will have many benefits, your stomach diseases will go away. The mental disease will also go away. Not only will the fall, but at the same time, your weight will also increase. You will also start getting good sleep. Physical weakness will also end. Ayurvedic medicine

ayurvedic medicine


I hope this information was given by me ayurvedic medicines to increase sex time by using ashwagandha, Safed musli, and Ayurveda this is my first vlog, will try to write better in the future. If you like this information then please share it further


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