imc new plan 2022

imc new plan 2022 – new bummpers offers good imc company

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here I am going to start with an imc new plan for 2022 latest online marketing news. imc new plan 2022 details

Presents a New Plan for India – IMC 2022 New Master Plan of promotional activities for the next five years. IMC new plan 2022 India latest

The IMC has analyzed the current global economic scenario and forecasts a low growth scenario for a few years, including India. IMC’s Global Economic Outlook (GEO) forecast is based on the growth prospects of major economies.


imc new plan 2022 details


1- New Plan, 2022. – Why are businesses offering new programs?

2- Offer new year discounts.

3- Get new offers with new plans.

4- Offer with the latest plan 2022

5- New Plan provides the latest offers.

6- New plans in 2022.


IMC Business Plan 2022 In Hindi – Network Marketing

Today we have posted IMC Business Plan 2022, in Hindi. This word has been prepared just for you. IMC Business Plan is posted in Hindi. You complete this technique. Information about IMC Plan 2022, IMC Associate Level Chat, IMC Company Business Plan, IMC Bonus, Information in this post.

IMC Company is one of the top direct selling companies in India. IMC shooting on 7 April 2007. Click here for detailed information about IMC Company.

In comparison to 400+ products of MLM company, IMC. IMC Products has a daylight list of products including Personal Care, Bobby Care, Health & Nutrition, Food Products, Home Care, Products & Waiters, Garment & Apparel, Accessories & Promotional Tools, Books & Literature, etc.

imc new plan 2022
imc new plan 2022

Before looking at the business plan, we have to understand BV, PBV, PGBV, and GBV.

BV = Business Volume – PBV = Personal Business Volume – GBV = Group Business Volume – PGBV = Personal Group Business Volume

Every single product of the company has a BV fix, which the company decides. We follow our IMC ID. He is our PGV. Total team’s wife has GBV. Our PBV and any supporting team that is below the level of Superstar in the team, the main wife, and our PBV is PGBV. IMC has a monthly bonus. and all calculations monthly company turnover. If you join IMC Company, your level default is 10%. You join IMC Star 1. And you get a 10% commission on your purchase. When you and your team’s GPV add up to 7501, you reach 15%. And you become IMC Star 2. Like when your GBV becomes 1000001. Then you become IMC Super Star. You start getting a 30% performance bonus.


You join IMC. And if you do business of 600001 GBV by self or team in one business month, then you reach a 30% level fast. And you start getting a 30% commission from your purchase. And you will be called Fast Super Star. Now you will start getting Super Star Fund (3%).




How to Join IMC? How to join IMC?

To join IMC, a person can approach any of the existing distributors of IMC and ask them to enroll in the company. Individuals must have documents like Aadhar cards, PAN cards,s and bank accounts to join. If you want to join IMC, then you can get information by contacting this number 9991786074. You will find information about any product or any information here.


Lucky draw offers 2022 50 winners imc new plan 2022


Good IMC friends please note that the billing for the month of February has started. All leaders should do PBV 2000 on their IDs to participate in the lucky draw. I have my own team, including as many people as possible in this lucky draw. imc new plan in 2022

The rewards received in this offer are like this, I am giving them below in the list.

two alto car 800

3 Winner Bike Bajaj City 100

10 Winner Idea Lenovo 83

15 winners Samsung A12

20 winners kent power grinder

This offer is for those who are less than the superstar level. It is a very good and great offer. Doing 2000 business volume is not a big deal, do your personal business volume 2000 and join this offer. Do you know if you get lucky this time and you bring the Alto car?


Retail Profit imc associate imc new plan 2022


IMC also has first income retail profit like other top direct selling companies, Smart Value, Vestige Marketing. Perhaps, you are already aware of this term, what is retail profit, in my previous article. So, I hope, there is no need to explain it again. These are small explanations. These are the little explanation, imc new plan 2022

IMC pays its distributor a price less than the product MRP which is called Distributor’s Price (DP). Distributors can earn retail profit by selling these products at MRP.

IMC promises retail profits of up to 30%, but this varies from product to product.

imc himalyberry

Leadership bonus


सेक्स टाइम बढ़ाये
The minimum terms and conditions apply for availing of the Leadership Bonus.

After the bet is met, BV is available as a 5% leader bonus through the first active downline.


What is IMC Business What is IMC Business?

IMC is also known as IMC Business. The full form of MC is “International Marketing Corporation”. IMC Company was started in 2007 with the help of two enthusiastic individuals, Dr. Ashok Bhatia and Mr. Satyan Bhatia. The headquarter of this Indian Direct Selling Company, IMC is located in Ludhiana, Punjab.

IMC Lucky Bumper Offers


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