imc product fase wash

Imc product face wash how to best result 30 days

Hi, today we are going to talk about Imc product face wash, what is a face wash, the benefits of face wash, and what are the side effects of face wash, we will discuss all these things in today’s post.


Before telling about face wash, let me tell you what is IMC, and its products why Imc product face wash is becoming so popular. Where is the company located? IMC’s why till date we have not seen any big actor or celebrity stuck. What is Profile? Know everything in this post

imc product fase wash

What is imc (imc kya hai) company profile

IMC is also known as IMC Business, the full form of IMC is International Marketing Corporation.

And according to this the full name of this company is International Marketing Corporation Private Limited.
IMC was started in 2007. In which Ashok Bhatia is its chairman and Satyan Bhatia is the managing director.
The head office of IMC is in Ludhiana Punjab.


IMC has 450 plus products today but initially, it had only one product. And that was aloe vera. He made his debut with Aloe Vera.
IMC is a network marketing company. Which we also know by direct selling. They are also known by the name mlm. imc ki profile. You have known. imc kya hai understood. Now let me tell you some information about the product as well. Then we will talk about imc Products Face Wash



imc products list

IMC has many products which I am giving you below. In this, the price of the list-wise product is the DP rate of the product. What is the business volume of the product? That’s all I am writing to you below. You can easily see and read.


Health And Nutrition

                                                                                  Code        Unit          MRP         Price      BV

1 Omega 3-6-9 (Fish Oil Capsules) 1121801                            30 Cap           690                  510            195
with isabgol

2 Triphala Tablets 1122801                                                       30 Tablets      270                 180               72

3 Glucosamine Tablets 1122901                                                30 Tablets    450                  345             140

4 Super Health Capsules 1123001                                            30 Tablets      650                 515             220

5 Ashwagandha and Shilajit tablets 1123101                           30 tb             645                495              225

6 Giloy and Papaya Tablets 1123201                                       30 Tablets       270               185               72

7 Herbal Hand Sanitizer 1408101                                             500ml           250                  210           50
1409001                                                                                     60 ml          30                     28              6
1408901                                                                                   PC                  250                220              50

8 Pain Relief Oil 1121901                                                       50 ml             115                  85                 25

9 Aloe Chyawan Gold (Sugar-Free) 1123401                         500 g               325                 275              60

10 Aloe Lohavati Tablet 1130201                                          30 Tab             360                  255                105



imc products Skin Care (9)


S.No.            Name                                                                               Code        Unit          MRP         Price      BV


1Aloe Turmeric Cream130280160 gm19014555
2Aloe Imc product face wash 1303001100 GM19515055
3Herbal Face Pack1408401150gm17014045
4Aloe Cleansing Milk1302701100 ml13010030
5Aloe Calamine Lotion1302901100 ml19016560
6Aloe Berry Cream140820110 gm30257
7Aloe Besan Haldi Face Pack (150gm)1303101150 gm17014045
8Face Toner1303901100 ML22518060
9Aloe Almond Cream (60 GM)141060160 GM856520



imc products (Personal Care) (13)

    S.No.            Name                                                                               Code        Unit          MRP         Price      BV



1Aloe Hair Removal Cream140770160 gm18014042
2Keshwin Anti Hairfall Shampoo1407801200 ml23017560
3Keshwin Anti Dandruff Shampoo1407901200 ml24019565
4Keshwin Hair Oil1408301100 ml16012542
5Keshwin Hair Conditioner1408701150gm21017055
6Aloe Charcoal Dant Manjan1409601100 GM20015550
7Peel Of Mask140970160 gm13511035
8Aloe Glow Powder (50gm)140980150 gm1058025
9Charcoal Tulsi & Cucumber Soap (75gm)140990175 GM755215
10Aloe After Shaving Lotion (100 ML)1410001100 ML16513540
11Aloe Amla Hair Oil (100 ML)1410301100 ML907020
12Aloe Dant Cream (100gm)1410501100 GM806217
13Herbal Antiseptic Talcum Powder (20 gm)141070120 gm20164




imc product Home Care (6)


S.No.            Name                                                                              Code        Unit          MRP         Price      BV



1Aloe Digest110140130 ml16512550
2Elaichi Amrit1106101Pcs25018070
3Shri Haldi Curcumin With Kesar1112101Pcs19515055
4Shri Tulsi111720120 ml19515055
5Steviafos151200110 ml29522070
6Aloe Noni Juice1103401500 ml650520220
7Aloe Sanjeevani Juice1103701500 ml395325125
8Herbal Fever Guard Syrup1107601500 ml490355140
9Gomutra1109801500 ml395300125
10Gomutra11100011 Ltr725530215
11Himalayan Berry Juice1111401500 ml675520220
11111011 Ltr1250950400
12Aloe Arjunarishta1111701500 ml25520575
13Aloe Pachak Risht1111801500 ml25520575
14Aloe Vera Fibrous Juice1105001500 ml395300125
11120011 Ltr725540225
15Jeevan Shakti Ras1112301500 ml450360135
16Aloe Cal D Tablets110120130 Tab360270100
17Aloe Mind Bold Tablets110270130 Tab360255105
18Aloe Mukta Tablets110310130 Tab360255105
19Aloe Skin Glare Tablets110390130 Tab360255105
20Aloe Spirulina Tablets110400130 Tab360255105
21Aloe Stress Away Tablets110480130 Tab360255105
22Daily Diet Tablets110590130 Tab450310130
23Fat Away Tablets110690130 Tab360255105
24Herbal Fever Guard Tablets1107701Pcs390275110
25Fresh Morning Tablets110810130 Tab360255105
26Heart Strong Tablets110900130 Tab360255105
27Herbocid Tablets111100130 Tab360255105
28Immune 20 X Tablets111220130 Pcs27018572
29Aloe Liv Kare Tablets111330130 Tab360255105
30Naturomega Capsules 500Mg111370160 Cap700510200
31Pain Away Tablets111460130 Tab360255105
32Piles Away Tablets111500130 Tab360255105
33Pyari Saheli Tablets111660130 Tab360255105
34Sugar Away Tablets111870130 Tab360255105
35Super Nourish Moringa Tablets111910130 Tab450350160
36Tru Health Capsules111970130 Cap570440190
37Herbal Urinorm Tablets112020130 Tab360255105
38Wheat Gold Tablets112120130 Tab360255105
39Herbal Garlic Pure Tablets112220130 tabs360255105
40Neem Pure Tablets (1000 mg)112250130 Tablets25519580
41Aloe Blood Purifier Syrup1100801200 ml16513048
42Aloe Kofkare Syrup1102201100 ml907025
43Aloe Kofkare Syrup (Sugar Free)1102301100 ml1108530
44Aloe Liv Kare Syrup1102401200 ml13010030
45Aloe Liv Kare Syrup (Sugar Free)1102501200 ml16513040
46Herbal Urinorm Syrup1110801200 ml15012040
47Pyari Saheli Syrup1116501200 ml14511540
48Aloe Jyoti110200110 ml755220
49Aloe Jyoti Plus110210110 ml1259035
50Herbal Protiwon For Complete Family Vanilla1110701300 Gm575445165
51Herbal Protiwon For Complete Family Chocolate1115701300 Gm575445165
52Protiwon For Body Builders11158011 KG26002100750
53Herbal Protiwon For Children1115901300 Gm550425150
54Aloe Piles Away Cream110360130 gm23017575
55Aloe Skin Guard Cream1111901Pcs13510540
56Pain Away Cream111410130 gm13010036
57Balm110530130 gm15011544
58Bio Energy Magnetic Bracelet1105501Pcs21001500675
59Aloe Chyawan Gold1105801500 gm31026060
60Flax Seeds1107801100 gm16013548
61Tru Knight Power Oil111270120 ml540375170
62Shri Tulsi Lozenges1117301Pcs13510540
63Immune Kit1122401Pcs13101000402
64Acupressure Pads1400101Pcs25019575
65Detox Foot Patch1403801Pcs990740325
66Aloe Aam Pachak1100401100 gm999025
67Aloe Ajwain Pachak1100501100 gm756520
68Aloe Anardana Pachak1100701100 gm756520
69Aloe Cal-D Tablet110110130 Tab360270100
70Aloe Harad Pachak1101701100 gm756520
71Aloe Hing Pachak1101801100 gm756520
72Aloe Jeera Pachak1101901100 gm756520
73Aloe Mind Bold Tablet110260130 Tab360255105
74Aloe Mukta Tablet110300130 Tab360255105
75Aloe Noni Juice1103501500 ml650520220
76Aloe Skin Glare Tablet110380130 Tab360255105
77Aloe Spirulina Tablet110420130 Tab360255105
78Aloe Stress Away Tablet110460130 Tab360255105
79Aloe Vera Fibrous Juice11049011 Ltr725540225
80Herbal Aloe Wipes110510120 Pc1259032
81Berry Churan1105401100 gm25020075
82Daily Diet Tablets 1000mg110600130 Tab450310130
83Fat Away Kit (Eng)With Gift Healthy Heart Card1106501Pcs18151375550
84Fat Away Kit (Eng)With Gift Healthy Heart Card1106601Pcs18151375550
85Fat Away Kit (Hindi) With Gift Healthy Heart Card1106701Pcs18151375550
86Fat Away Kit (Hindi)With Gift Healthy Heart Card1106801Pcs18151375550
87Fat Away Tablet110710130 Tab360255105
88Flax Seed1107901100 gm16013548
89Fresh Morning Tablet110800130 Tab360255105
90Health Kit (Eng) With Gift Healthy Heat Card1108601Pcs22901720720
91Health Kit (Hindi) With Gift Healthy Heat Card1108701Pcs22901720720
92Health Kit (Hindi) With Gift Healthy Heat Card1108801Pcs22901720720
94Heart Strong Tablet110920130 Tab360255105
95Herbal Garlic Pure 500Mg110970160 Tab360250105
96Gomutra11099011 Ltr725530215
97Herbal Gomutra1110101500 ml395300125
98Herbal Hand Sanitiser Gel111020130 gm906724
99Herbal Honey (Kesar & Ginger)1110401350 gm29523575
100Herbal Neem Pure (500Mg)111060160 Tab25519580
101Herbocid Tablet111090130 Tab360255105
102Himalayan Berry Juice1111301500 ml675520220
103Himalayan Berry Juice11115011 Ltr1250950400
104Jeevan Shakti Ras1112401500 ml450360135
105Knight Power Tablet111280130 Tab620480210
106Knight Power Tablets111290130 Tab620480210
107Liv Kare Tablet111320130 Tab360255105
108Massage Oil1113601100 ml17514055
109Offer Viro Care (1+1)1113801Pcs625450200
111Pain Away Oil1114401100 ml17515050
112Pain Away Tablet111450130 Tab360255105
113Piles Away Tablet111510130 Tab360255105
114Power O Gold Vanilla1115401350 gm475395160
115Power-O-Gold Chocolate1115501350 gm475395160
116Protiwon Chocolate1115601250 gm475395160
117Protiwon Vanilla1116001250 gm475395160
118Pyari Saheli Kit With (H) Gift Healthy Heart Card1116101Pcs14801100425
119Pyari Saheli Kit With Gift Healthy Heart Card (H)1116201Pcs14801100425
120Pyari Saheli Kit(Eng) With Gift Healthy Heart Card1116301Pcs14801100425
121Pyari Saheli Kit(Eng) With Gift Healthy Heart Card1116401Pcs14801100425
122Pyari Saheli Tablet111680130 Tab360255105
123Shri Tulsi111710120 ml19515055
124Sugar Away Kit (Hindi)With Gift Healthy Heart Card1118001Pcs19251475595
125Sugar Away Kit(Eng) With Gift Healthy Heart Card1118101Pcs19251475595
126Sugar Away Kit(Eng) With Gift Healthy Heart Card1118201Pcs19251475595
127Sugar Away Kit(Hindi) With Gift Healthy Heart Card1118301Pcs19251475595
128Sugar Away Ras1118401500 ml31025090
129Sugar Away Ras1118501500 ml31025090
130Sugar Away Tablet111860130 Tab360255105
131Super Nourish Moringa Tablet111900130 Tab450350160
132Swadisht Pachan Churan1119201100 gm13010540
133Swadisht Pachan Churan1119301100 gm13010540
134Tongkat Ali Tablet111940110 Tab1200800350
135Tru Health Capsule111960130 Cap570440190
136Tru Health Tablet With Gift Shri Tulsi111990130 Tab570440190
137Tru Health Tablets112000130 Tab570440190
138Viro Care112040160 ml625450200
139Viro Care With Gift 2 Pcs Shri Tulsi1120501Pcs625450200
140Vita Diet Tablet112060130 Tab450320140
141Vita Diet Tablet112070130 Tab450320140
142Wellness Kit (Eng) With Gift Bracelet1120801Pcs528041501500
143Wellness Kit (Eng) With Gift Bracelet1120901Pcs528041501500
144Wellness Kit (Hindi) With Gift Bracelet1121001Pcs528041501500
145Wellness Kit With Gift Bracelet (H)1121101Pcs528041501500
146Wheat Gold Tablet112140130 Tab360255105
147Honeywell Air Purifier ( Bumper Offer)1122101Pcs000
148Ozonizer (Lucky Draw Offer)1122301Pcs110
149Buy 2 Immune 20 X Tablet & Get one Tulsi (offer)11226011540360144
150Naturomega Capsules 1000Mg112270130 Caps700510200


imc product face wash

Aloe Face Wash with Turmeric and Sandalwood is a unique formula that keeps your face healthy and glowing. It helps to unclog pores and remove blackheads, giving you skin
Which enhances health and beauty. It is an ayurvedic product with aloe vera, turmeric, sandalwood, and other natural herbs, which helps your skin to bring out its inner health.
And thus keeps it young and beautiful. Specially formulated for you, this product has no side effects and is a must-use every day for clear, soft, and glowing skin.



imc products list with price

Price of imc products aloe face wash turmeric. Price of IMC Products Aloe Face Wash Turmeric

Code Net Vol MRP

1300501 100g ₹ 250


How to use (HOW TO USE) imc product face wash

imc product face wash is very easy to use, even if you do something wrong in using it, it has no side effects
Take a small amount of aloe face wash on your palm. Mix with some water. Massage face and neck in a circular motion. Wash off thoroughly with water.



INGREDIENTS imc products (face wash)


Cucumber, aloe vera, turmeric, and sandalwood, these 4 things are used in this product i.e. IMC Face Wash. And by mixing them it is prepared.
That’s why it does not have any side effects. And its result is also very good to see. But now I am going to tell you how to get its fast result.


Imc product face wash best result 10 days

If you want to get the best and best result of imc product face wash. For this, I will tell you two products that you can use with it.
If you don’t do two of them, then at least do 1 together. This is how we also use it. And we also tell this method to many of our customers. Make a combination of both of them together and then see the result.
He does not get good results and does not have any side effects, which is the way of applying it, both of them are the same, and both the products are more than one.



imc product details in hindi

Many types of vitamins are found in the first product Apricot which is very important for our body. And especially free radicals are found in this. Which prevents us from getting old imc product face wash.
The second product is a product made by Mewati dispensary, of which there is no one yet.
But its very good result is being seen. You must be thinking that what is the benefit of mixing them together, we can use them separately by using them. Absolutely can be taken, but if you want the best result then IMC product face wash or Apricot product is the apricot product.
Faces, mix them both, if you cannot do these two, then you can also contact them by eating Mewati medicine.



Hindi Mewati Blog 

How to take IMC Product Face Wash for best results. you got it
If you still have any questions or doubt in your mind then you can ask me through a comment. I will try my best to answer you that you can also contact me directly.
You can also follow me on social media Facebook Twitter Instagram by visiting the contact page

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