malkangani ke fayde

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I am in sakunat once again. Today’s post is very special with another new ayurvedic medicine, Malkangani key interactions. What I am going to talk – about today is very powerful medicine.


which those sages and ascetics are well aware of. There will not be any book in which it is not mentioned, all the legitimate Hakims of the old era used to use it frequently, that answer is malkangni key interactions.

It is also known as Jyotish Mata in Sanskrit. There are two types of malkangni ke interactions, one is the one that is cultivated.

is the second.

It is a wild plant. It is found more on the side of the Himalayas, about which I have also brought information.

malkangani ke fayde
malkangani ke fayde

Watch the post till the last so that you can benefit from it. It has astonishing benefits. Its leaves and seeds are used more.


malkangni ke interactions in hindi by mewati dawakhana


It eliminates stomach worms. Malkangni ke interactions are also found in diabetes. For many years Jyotishmati has been used to treat epilepsy and leprosy. According to Ayurveda, Jyotishmati also benefits from wounds, jaundice, and abdominal pain.

Benefits of Malkangani. Malkangni ke interactions in urdu

The effect of the seeds of Malkangani is hot and happy. It has many benefits.

It is used in 2 ways in Kuan Tirva i.e. Namardi.

Firstly, put these seeds in sesame oil, cool them, filter them and keep them in a bottle, and massage this oil.

Another way is to clean these seeds thoroughly, that is, remove the peel on the seeds. Use grain.

The way to do this is on the first day, on the second day, on the second day, on the third day, increasing one grain every day. Even it reaches 10. Then always keep eating them 10 grains daily. What if you eat like this for a few months?




Benefits of eating Malkangani Beach! Benefits of eating Malkangani Beach malkangani powder

After listening to its benefits, there is no better medicine than ayurvedic medicine for nausea. Traditional Indian medicine means that the masculine increases so much that it becomes impossible to stop. You must have heard that place. Do this 10 times. Do that. It is so powerful but what I am telling, use this reality for many months. You will definitely have to do malkangni ka how for many months but you will get to see its result very much. jyotishmati benefits


Malkangani ke interactions for hair by sakunat

for hair

Using malkangni oil can help keep hair silky. Apart from this, another research also suggests that malkangni seeds can also be seen as a treatment to prevent graying of hair. For this, it is advised to consume malkangani seeds boiled in ghee with kheer.


How to eat Malkangni Seeds

To take malkangani ke interactions, eat an empty stomach in the morning. Then see amazing, apart from this, it makes the mind power. Increases more. With the use of a few months, even the white hair starts turning black and gradually the whole hair becomes black. Apart from this, it is also used in diseases like poor, lactating, cold, cold, the method of all is also the same.

The use of which is removed, if the seeds are used in food and oil is used, then with their help, hundreds of diseases get rid of.




How To Identify Malkangni Plant Dr. NS Tiger
Malkangani ke interactions podha malkangani benefits

Identify it this way. Let this pad be you. Its wood is soft. Its leaves are 2 inches to 5 inches long. Dates are up to 3 inches wide from these. Its 4 words are Yajd May i.e. green and yellow. The headline above the seeds is against Chandran. Its seeds are similar to herbal seeds.



This was some information to get more information about Malkangani and malkangani ke interactions, follow my channel, and also share and subscribe to my youtube channel.


malkangani in hindi


Malkangani is a plant, it is known by many names in Ayurvedic and it has many benefits, I told you some of its benefits above. rises too much

But its method is quite different, the first thing is that Shingraf Rumi itself is a poisonous stone. And Malkangani is also poisonous if you want to know in full detail about how to purify Shingruff Rumi and how to use Malkangani for sexual.

So you can ask me in the comment section, I will definitely tell you how to write the next article


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