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(P) Planing – types of planning – imc what Best 1

What is planning? What is the planning? Who is called planning? Well, there are many meanings of planning but I will tell you about making (planning) (ideas).


Planning or planning whatever you think. First of all let me explain to you, what is planning. What is the planning? imc what. imc kya hai


What is Planning (What is Planning) Types of Planning


When we are about to do something or business or work. We have not started it yet, we are only thinking about it now. Or we are doing some work. We think about it or consider how we are supposed to do that work.

Example:- Let me understand that we did some work. So why did he do that? I have made so much profit or so much loss in it, all these things come in it. That is, what we think is what we call planning. Why it is necessary and how to do that I will tell you now but it is necessary

And what to do is a very important topic. If you don’t understand yet, let me give you some examples. See it is very important for life. You want to be successful in any business or work. Planning is essential for that. Without this, you cannot be successful. Provided that if nature wants to give it to you only by tearing the roof, then that thing is different, I am not talking about it here.


imc business planning


What is planning (IMC kya hai)


See this example I want to tell you that I work in IMC. I didn’t work in it before I started working. One day a friend joined me because joining is free, and I joined.

I have joined, it doesn’t matter yet you will not understand, but from here onwards what I will tell you is very important. And if you read or listen carefully, then you will know that planning has been done.

You will understand this very well. Then I thought about (imc kya hai). When I am doing this work, then I should have knowledge of it. I understand because now I have to move forward in this. I want to succeed in IMC How to succeed in IMC What is the IMC plan. I want to make my career in it.

I think about all these things. That is, I do planning. This is what we know by the name of what is planning. Now you must have understood well, I understand that. Now we move on to the next topic, how to plan

IMC kya hai know full information from here



How to planing  How to plan.

Now I am going to tell you how to do the planning. Because by now you have understood what planning is. Because until we understand something about it, it is. So about that, we won’t even know how to do it.

There are many things in how you do planning. Just like we are doing any work, the first thing to know about it is what it is. Then we also have to gain knowledge about it, how we have to take advantage of it. And this is what we call how to do the planning. don’t understand

How to do IMC Planning


Here also I will give you the example of IMC. Now I plan to be successful in IMC, and I have to be successful in IMC. how to be And what should I do? I alone think about this on my own. and I ask a friend or my leader about it or get information. and I collect information about it from anywhere on social media YouTube Google Blog articles. Because by collecting all these things I will try to make a plan. So that in future I will be successful i.e. success. One thing, in particular, will be remembered. In whatever field you are working. You should gather as much information as you can about him.

Now I take a pen enough and start writing on it. Tomorrow I have to meet two people. Tomorrow at 9:00 am I have to meet Mohammad Sharif and at 2:00 pm I have to meet Dr. Ashraf. You understand how to make planning. Why is this necessary now? And why is it necessary? That was the third topic. Why planning

what is network marketing



Why planning is important


This is the main topic. And this is the biggest reason for me telling you this. That’s what I want to explain to you. That’s why you have come here. 2 The syllabus (topic planning) has been known, the last one has to be known. That’s what I am telling you now. See, to be successful in any field, it is necessary to plan for it. Planning is done in different ways for each field. as in every field


There are 3 P’s


3 P Kya hai


1, P – Profile

2, P – Product

3,. P – Plan


Note: There is a difference between planning and planning.


You will be able to plan only then you will understand this 3p. Whatever your field. If you have come this far, then it is my duty to explain it to you in full detail. where you are working. or doing business. You should have complete information about P – Profile profile about that. For example, let me tell you about IMC.



What is IMC Profile


IMC is an International Marketing Corporation company.

This is a direct selling company of network marketing. You can also call it MLM Company Company. This company started with direct selling. This company was launched in the year 2007. Its Managing Director and Chairman Direct is Ashok Bhatia ji and Satyam Bhatia. Both of them are father sons or father can also say, son. Such profile information is essential.

Go to the full file of IMC from here


Note: According to your profile, you can also know whether it is registered or not. If yes, what certificates does he have? If you do not know this, then you may have trouble in the coming time



.P – Product kya hai (what is the product)


Like you gathered information about the profile. What is meant by the profile of Jana? Similarly, now you also need to know about the product. For example, I will tell you about two products.

Suppose you have a clothes store. You sell branded jeans of any company on it. That’s the price of jeans. ₹ 999 You do not have his knowledge. Nor do you know about him. You gave him a batch for ₹199. You are not harmed. Similarly, those jeans were worth ₹199. You have praised those jeans so much that in front of the customer a lot. You gave him a batch for ₹999. You made a profit but yesterday the customer came back again with the same jeans.


because he was spoiled. Because he was local. Because you didn’t know much about him. If it were, you wouldn’t appreciate it. You give correct information to the customer. So that your customer does not bring back those torn jeans to your shop again today. If you still do not understand, then I am giving you more examples of a health product.


Himalayan Berry Juice imc


Himalayan Berry Juice Ayurvedic Product. It belongs to IMC company. It works on increasing the immunity system in the body. Increases the ability to fight disease in our body, understood in simple language. If you have correct knowledge about it. That is correct information. So you will use it only to increase the immunity system.

If you don’t have knowledge. And you used it for cough and cold. Haven’t you done it right?

To know more about this product visit


Now I hope that you must have understood well why it is important to have product information. If you still don’t understand you can watch and listen to me on my YouTube channel. I hope you will understand there.


(P) Plan – What is plan (Plan Kya hai)


The plan is basic information. There is not much difference between planning and planning. We do the planning by ourselves. And the plan would give us company. The company gives us the plan only after planning. Got it. Plans are different for every field.
I don’t know from which field you came here. But I hope that is what you came here for. You will understand that and will leave from here. You must have heard or told the journal many times. Sometimes what happens is that we are going somewhere for a walk. Or going to do some work. or were doing. So anybody comes and asks us. What is a plan (plan kya hai)?

You either say about it, it is heard.

Yes, there is a plan.

There is no plan.

You will get to hear these two answers. I will not tell you much about the plan. I have also said above that plans can be different according to each field. Which is not possible to say or write here. The main topic was why the plan is necessary and the discussion was going on on this only.


planning is important


You will find many articles about it on the internet. You will also find many videos on YouTube. In my knowledge, you will get something different only then you have come here. You need a plan so that you can get success in your work. There are two ways to do the planning. One of which I have explained to you from above till here.

I hope you must have understood this method.



I hope that you must have understood the plan kya hai, how to plan, why planning, from this information given by me. If you still have any doubts or questions in your mind. So you can ask me by commenting. I will try my best to answer you. And at the same time you can also ask me in the comment, when should I write the article in another way.



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