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How to Increase risk taking capacity best Self Confidence 1

Hi, today we are going to talk about risk-taking capacity why it is less, what is the difference between self confidence, risk taking capacity, in hindi, self-esteem is it all necessary in life, you will know in today’s article.

risk taking capacity
risk taking capacity


what is risked

In simple words, the risk is the possibility of something bad happening. Risk involves uncertainty about the effect/implication of an activity in relation to something that humans value (such as health, welfare, wealth, property, or the environment), often with a focus on negative, undesirable consequences.
Like I have a dream to become an IPS officer, but now I work in the private sector, or do a job or do driving. Whatever you understand, understand that I do not want to leave this joke at the moment, if I leave this job then I will not have money.
How will I manage my expenses? I have become an IPS officer but I am afraid that if I leave this job then I will be in a lot of trouble. This is what is called risk.



What’s your risk taking capacity? your risk appetite?

What is your risk taking capacity?
Risk potential is not based on your feelings about the risk. It is also not based on any specific investment. Instead, it is related to how much risk you can take. And this is related to your financial situation as well as your age and the amount of time you invest.

risk tolerance
your willingness to take risks
Your ability to absorb the impact of investment losses as you pursue higher potential returns.

risk potential
Risk tolerance reflects your personality, your beliefs, and your investment experience
Risk potential varies with your age, income, and financial goals


risk-taking capacity in hindi

When assessing your potential for risk, ask yourself: “What time is with me? Do I have many years to invest? Or will I have to withdraw money from my investment account soon?” with time,
Markets typically recover from losses and the number of positive years far outweighs the negative, so your ability to stay invested during a down market is an important consideration.
When making investment decisions, consider your overall financial situation and how well you can cope with any losses. If you are able to save a lot of your income every year, or you have more money available from other sources,
So you can better face any downturn in the market because the risk-taking capacity is great.


Why is this risk-taking capacity low?

Because your risk taking capacity has been greatly reduced….Now you have become accustomed to a different standard of living or lifestyle,
Your liabilities have increased, you are unable to take the risk of leaving your job or changing your business,
You find yourself in a place where it seems impossible to sit still for a month!! And this becomes your FAILURE.
Now you have to keep yourself engaged in the same work with an unwanted mind, which gives you money but is not able to give satisfaction and in most cases neither is able to give enough money nor satisfaction. risk taking capacity hindi Click

risk management

If you are not caught in this kind of situation yet, then keep these things in mind:

Do not try to grow in that work that you do not like from the heart. And even though we may not know our passion, it is easy to know what we do not like.
That is why it is useless to succeed in such work which you do not like. For e.g, you are in a sales and marketing job and you don’t like this job then you don’t work to get a promotion in this job,
Just work to run the job. It’s a little difficult
But you have to do this because making a habit of earning money from the work you do not like can fail you.



3 free time

Until you find the work of your mind, try to do something that can give you maximum free time. And use this free time to achieve your goals.

Keep your liabilities limited, especially do not take any loan whose EMI becomes a compulsion for you to keep busy in your work. It will be okay to take such loans only when the money is coming from the work of your mind.

Keep exploring your real interest and liking, and try to take some steps in that direction as far as possible.
Even though these steps are very short, but it is certain that each step will take you closer to your destination. that. 3 free time



right choice (risk taking capacity)

What does it mean to make the right choice? for granted meaning

It means you do the work of your mind using the internet. For this, you have to create or build a website/blog related to your interest.

For instance, if you want to become a Chef and are currently stuck in an IT job, then you can create a food blog and post different types of recipes and cooking tips on it.
If you want to start your own travel company then create a travel-related blog…and so on.




You will be able to make some progress in the field related to your interest in sitting at home. And since you can do this work anywhere and anytime, the chances of it going on and moving forward are much higher.
Self-esteem will get better in your right choice field. And if in future you want to do this physically, then this self-esteem will be very useful.
By continuously working on the blog, many people will know you and there may be an opportunity from here that can give you a well-paying opportunity related to your interest.
Your blog can also give you an alternate source of income which will ultimately be helpful in reducing your liabilities.
Friends, I am lucky that I realized in time that it is foolish to expand materialistically before finding my heart’s work;
Until you too start earning money from that work for which you are passionate, then stop yourself from expanding.
George Burns also said that it is better to fail at what you want than to be successful at what you hate.



fight the risk taking capacity


Whatever condition you are in… don’t surrender….keep fighting to achieve your goal… in the game of life like a boxing match, the one who falls does not lose,
A loser is the one who refuses to rise… Do not give up no matter how many times you fall, get up and achieve your goal despite all the difficulties.

We have to fight by all means. And when we learn to fight, the risk taking capacity will automatically become strong. For this, we have to strengthen our self-confidence a lot.



self confidence

No one can deny that self-confidence is a very important quality to get success in life. You will see this quality in every person who has reached some point in life,
Whether it is a film star, a cricketer, someone in your neighborhood, or a teacher teaching you. Confidence is such a quality that everyone has, some less and some more. risk taking capacity
But the need is to increase your present level of confidence and take it to a new and better level. And I will share with you some similar things that can be helpful in increasing your self confidence.



low self-confidence

What I am writing from here onwards is the most important subject of art. Low self-confidence, low self-confidence, friends, never let your confidence below.
It is not that you will not get the chance to reduce your confidence. Thousands of tricks will be found, but do not let low self-confidence happen, if this work is done then you will never be successful in life again. risk taking capacity

I myself am an example of this. I have been blogging for the last 5 years, sometimes the traffic comes a lot, sometimes it never comes. Generally, between 100 to 300 comes daily.

My heart breaks, I think I should leave it. This is not made for me. I think for a while or even for a day.

Then I improve my confidence back. Start blogging, I hope I will do better.
But got the same result. risk taking capacity
I will write a lot of blogs beyond this blog. You can take a look at my blog later. Similarly, never let your confidence go down.
If you want to be successful in life then it takes time, don’t take shortcuts to be successful in life. If we want to live in life then we have to take risks and when we take risks only then our risk taking capacity will increase.



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I am updating the post today 30th September 2021. Today you are seeing that my blog has also been monetized. I’m making some money off it too. My year is Mehndi. And is persistent.
I have not finished my second work to date. And I have another job. JCB Invoice.

When I am completely successful then I will leave my second work. I also want to say to all of you that you too should never lower your confidence.



I hope you know what is risk taking capacity and self confidence from this information given by me. How to increase risk taking capacity and self confidence. And what is their importance in life? You must have understood that if you still have any doubt in your mind, then you can ask me by commenting. I will try to give you my best answer.

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